Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rough Work, I'm Just Inspired Today!

The work here is still in a very rough stage, but I wanted to share some designs that I'm working on right now! Inspiration is such a mysterious thing...for me, it seems to creep into my mind while I am asleep. I usually don't set out to make a piece with an exact plan in mind. I don't typically sketch anything out. I know that's unusual for a jewelry artist, but it's just what works best for me!

One good thing about having a somewhat cluttered workbench is that I am surrounded by all kinds of beautiful 'tidbits' that I can incorporate into my design, with just a glance. Things just seem to come together best that way. Today is a perfect example. I've been eyeing this stunning Jasper that reminds me of the ocean for a few weeks now. I have also had this 'blank' with a large copper metal clay lilly soldered to it, sitting for at least a week.

Today it hit me, while finishing up a couple of custom orders. Pulling from 'this' and 'that' lying about my bench, these are pieces that I now can't quite get my hands to work fast enough to create!! There are a hundred things that I "should" be doing, but I can't pull myself away!!

If you'd like to see a little more information about these pieces, check out my Flickr posting:

Hope you've enjoyed a sneak peek!! I'll post photos of the finished pendants soon!